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Vibroacoustic & PEMF Therapy


Our Vibroacooustic & PEMF zero gravity lounger takes body, mind, and spiritual rejuvenation to a whole new dimension of experience. You feel waves of sound and music resonating through your body as a transformational sound healing massage; allowing your mind to enter a deep state of calm, clarity, and inner peace. This therapy is perfect for those who struggle with anxiety and depression. It is also a fantastic tool to promote mindfulness through meditation. 

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Our Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) system within our vibroacoustic lounger allows for the promotion of physical and mental wellbeing. PEMF therapy can assist with a plethora of health conditions by using low-level electromagnetic radiation to non-invasively improve and promote healing, immune function, bone density, circulation, and energy levels by selecting the proper healing frequency. 

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Healing Frequencies - PEMF Frequency Chart
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